‘All Rounds – One Platform’: The Case for Comprehensive Coverage

With COVID19 and the unpredictable new landscape of healthcare delivery, it has become more important than ever for hospitals to recognize the benefits of an ‘all rounds-one platform’ comprehensive approach to manage all rounding disciplines. By implementing a single centralized platform, hospitals can gain an enterprise-wide perspective to become more adaptable, and provide more efficient communications, accurate data integration, and standardize services across the continuum of care. 


A La Carte Rounding Pitfalls

Currently, many healthcare systems operate with separate applications and systems to perform surveys, audits, and rounds for nursing, regulatory readiness, patient safety, workforce engagement, environment of care, and more. Their outcomes have shown us that limited, a la carte rounding options will eventually cost more, create added layers of open-loop communications, and hinder a hospital’s ability to analyze a broad landscape of data.

Becoming a High Reliability Organization

In a hospital’s journey to become a Highly Reliable Organization and fulfill the Safe Care Promise, Sentact believes leveraging a fully integrated fully comprehensive rounding solution across the continuum of care is an essential means on the path to this achievement. 

Healthcare systems must …

  • Become sensitive to operations and analyze evidence to explore deeper understanding of problems and recurring issues
  • Implement effective services to improve patient outcomes and support clinical practice guidelines and performance measures
  • Set the direction for future resiliency to improve and address gaps in care, quality, safety, and patient engagement

Fulfilling the Commitment to Safe Care Delivery

Hospitals must create a culture of safety by automating all rounds and resolving issues in real-time. The standardization and consolidation of data will help to fulfill a commitment to safe care delivery – while also enabling a hospital’s ability to grow, expand, and adapt in this pandemic-challenged, ever-changing healthcare environment.

Quality, safety, and the patient experience are all positively impacted through an ‘all rounds-one platform’ approach, bringing to the forefront real-time resolutions of safety issues and patient concerns. 

“Consolidating all our rounding on the Sentact platform has allowed us to adapt to the changing healthcare environment and realize a real impact to quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.” 

Daniel Palma, Director of Nursing, Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Maximize Value

Implementing the ‘all rounds-one platform’ approach also delivers a flexible and scalable solution of rounding tools … eliminating the need for ad-hoc or one-off applications from various vendors. With Sentact’s fully integrated model, hospitals can easily add applications such as COVID-19 resources and other toolkits and quickly adapt with minimal cost and implementation effort.

The Case for Implementing Comprehensive Rounding

In fact, the case for implementing an ‘all rounds – one platform’ approach has far reaching benefits:

  • Cost Savings – Health systems recognize they are overpaying for unneeded services, and realize a substantial cost savings associated with consolidating to one vendor
  • Ease of Management – With all departments operating off a single, integrated platform, there is an increase in the visibility of staff, and an improvement in family and patient satisfaction and patient outcomes
  • Streamlined Service Recovery and Requests – The ability to manage service recovery, staff requests, and the grievance process both inside, and outside of a round on one seamless, integrated platform improves quality and patient satisfaction scores
  • Standardization of Rounding Disciples – Greater control and enterprise-wide visibility over accreditations, surveys, audits, and data across multiple departments increases a hospital’s ability to create actionable strategies for change

In our latest case study, Torrance Memorial Medical Center has noted that the hospital’s top outcomes for switching to the ‘all rounds-one platform’ model include: overall cost savings with consolidation to one vendor; ease of management integrating into a single platform; streamlined service recovery and requests for items found both inside – and outside of a round; and the creation of standardization of disciplines for accreditations, audits, surveys, and data.

The result of Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s major improvements earned them a 2019 Nursing Award from the American Medical Association – one of the top three awards for the State of California. 

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