Sentact Wins Prestigious ‘MedTech Innovator of the Year’ Award at Tech50 Event

Sentact Wins ‘MedTech Innovator of the Year’ Award at Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Prestigious Tech50 Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 23, 2020

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  . . .  Sentact has been named ‘MedTech Innovator of the Year‘ by the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s prestigious annual Tech 50 competition. Centered in an area of the country that has become a vibrant technology hub and leader for innovative artificial intelligence, robotics, biomedical, healthcare IT, software engineering and other high tech industries – the Tech50 Awards annually recognizes the outstanding achievements of tech innovators in and around the Greater Pittsburgh.

“ We are extremely honored to receive this recognition from the Pittsburgh Technology Council, particularly in a year where healthcare IT has become more important than ever before.  From the moment the COVID crisis started, our team has had relentless focus on one goal – to help frontline caregivers provide the best possible care while staying safe themselves. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished and the difference we have made in the healthcare community ” said Chris Dube, President of Sentact

The ‘Medtech Innovator of the Year Award’ annually recognizes companies that are revolutionizing the medical technologies market and significantly solving problems and improving the lives of many.  A leader in the digital healthcare industry, Sentact created the first platform to integrate all forms of rounding, with unique features and interfaces for each provider discipline. Its premiere product SentactRounding, offers a comprehensive solution that creates a safer care environment, addresses patient and employee engagement, and improves the overall quality of care.

At the onset of the pandemic, Sentact rapidly developed and launched a suite of applications that played a vital role in assisting hospitals nationwide with their fight against COVID19. The Sentact team worked around the clock to create an entire response system – including tools for managing a Hospital Command Center, Resource Staffing and Supply Allocation, Emergency Preparedness, Infection Prevention, and Employee, Visitor, and Patient Screening.

“With solutions such as exposure tracking, visitor screening, and command center communications, our team innovated to drive real results and help save lives. On behalf of Sentact and our healthcare partners, thank you to the Pittsburgh Technology Council for this prestigious recognition,”         
shared Dube.

About the Pittsburgh Technology Council … Once a center for the production of steel, iron and glass, Pittsburgh has now grown into a premiere and vibrant technology hub for innovative artificial intelligence, robotics and biomedical companies, education, healthcare IT, software engineering and other high-tech industries. The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Top Tech 50 Awards annually recognizes the outstanding achievements of tech innovators in and around the Greater Pittsburgh region. For more information, visit their website at

About Sentact  Since 2003, Sentact has been a leading industry provider of healthcare technology solutions that transforms the patient care journey. Our enterprise-wide rounding software empowers hospitals to create safer environments, increase patient engagement, and improve overall quality of care. Sentact has been implemented into more than 600 healthcare organizations nationwide, and clients have realized significant outcomes — from increasing patient and caregiver satisfaction, to improving quality and safety, and reducing hospital acquired infections — resulting in lower costs and increased revenue. For more information, visit

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