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Sentact remains committed to helping hospitals in the fight against COVID-19 with flexible, scalable, customized solutions for pandemic and crisis preparedness.

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Fighting Against COVID-19

As hospitals adjust to the new normal of healthcare delivery, know that Sentact is your flexible partner for the road ahead – from creating a secure healthcare environment to safeguarding staff, patients, and visitors and organizing a hospital command center.  

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Improve staff education of hospital acquired infections by 90%


COVID-19 Resource Solutions

You can download an overview of all available Sentact COVID-19 resources by clicking the button below.

COVID-19 Facility Screening Tools

COVID-19 Emergency Response Tools

Hospital Command Center Support Tools

COVID-19 Rounding Tools & Surveys

COVID-19 Staff Exposure Tracking & Monitoring Tools

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COVID-19 Resources

Downloadable COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Facility Screening Tools

Sentact’s COVID-19 Screening Tools efficiently and remotely automate the screening process to safeguard workers, reduce the risk of transmission, and de-escalate a facility outbreak.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Tools

Sentact’s Emergency Response Tools enable Incident Commanders and Emergency Managers to quickly make informed decisions and efficiently deploy resources, staff, and equipment.

Hospital Command Center Support Tools

Our COVID-19 Command Center tool helps hospitals effectively manage resources to fully automate on-demand staffing requests, bed availability, medical supplies, and many more.

COVID-19 Rounding Tools & Surveys

Sentact’s COVID-19 Rounding Tools include COVID-19 surveys, infection prevention rounds and discharge planning tools to assist hospitals in managing patient capacity. 

COVID-19 Staff Exposure Tracking & Monitoring Tool

Sentact’s Exposure and Monitoring Tool automates the daily symptom monitoring of employee exposure and tracking, plus records the type and severity of exposure and creates a dashboard for documenting and reporting for leader follow-up and decision making.

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