Workforce Engagement

Staff Happiness Matters

Elevating your staff engagement will carry a multitude of positives across your entire organization – from reducing staff burnout and turn over, to lowering patient complications and mortality rates.

Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores by 12%

Medical Professionals

Minimize errors and maximize positive outcomes

Sentact’s robust reporting platforms encourage team communication, enabling them to thrive and engage. Kiosk stations anonymously capture complaints, requests, and surveys.

Technology >

Integrate technology to populate an employee roster to ensure all employees are rounded on, embracing the workforce’s voice

Recognition >

Employee recognition and compliments are sent during a round - giving real-time feedback of job excellence

Automation >

Workflow automation sends real-time needs and complaints to the correct fulfillment staff – ensuring staff voices are heard

Trends >

Identify trends and areas for enhancement to adapt your environment and put action plans into place