Easy requests for clinical support needs

It can be challenging to have to carry around a few different contact numbers in order to request items such as pastoral care, interpreters, or other non-clinical therapies. SentactSinglePoint has processed millions of requests such as these and can eliminate the phone calls as well as the manual dispatching of such requests.

With SentactSinglePoint, teams can:

  • Give More Bedside Time to the Caregiver
    Caregivers now have more time with the patient without the need to continually following-up with requests for clinical support services.
  • Automatically Assign Requests
    Requests are automatically routed by priority, location, & skill making communication seamless
  • Real-Time Tracking 
    Track delivery progress in real-time, sending notifications for delays if they occur
  • Close the Loop
    A complete closed loop ensure that both caregivers and patients are satisfied