Virtual Service Center

Provide Caregivers the Tools they Need When they Need Them

Equipment & Supplies. Environmental Services. Food Services.  Clinical support. Facilities Services.  These are just some of the incoming requests we can streamline with a Virtual Service Center.  Using a Virtual Service Center, hospitals are able to increase efficiencies with smart-routing and notifications, reduce turnaround times for resolution, decrease labor cost and create a better user experience.

Environmental Services


Virtual Service Center



During this age of do more with less, hospitals are searching for ways to automate as much as possible and this includes automating the Support Services team.  From equipment requests for infusion pumps & blankets to spills and clean-ups it is critical these service requests be addressed and corrected quickly.

Many hospitals use a centralized call center or command center to handle incoming requests.  However, this method is wieldy as it is high in human resources and prone to human error leading to unhappy customers within your organization.  A tremendous alternative to a centralized staff command center is a Virtual Service Respond program that reduces call volume through online submissions.

A Virtual Service Response program allows a hospital to increase efficiencies with smart-routing and notifications, reduces turnaround times for resolution, decreases labor cost and more importantly creates a better use experience for caregivers. Nurses and other caregivers no longer have to spend valuable hours searching for or hoarding equipment.  They can now refocus on their main goal, providing exceptional patient care.