Take a Proactive Approach to Safety and Accreditation Audits

Sentact’s pre-built templates include Life Safety, Tracers and Environment of Care rounds, that are tied to accreditation standards - so healthcare facilities can track progress and set goals to meet regulatory readiness and enhance patient safety.

Reduce Patient Falls by 34%

Medical Meeting

Our industry leading reporting platform

Identify trends and areas for improvement to adapt your environment and put action plans into place. Gain 24/7 visibility into accreditation and safety issues by submitting any issue found during a round – or outside of a round.

How it works:

Integrated technology guarantees a closed loop process and ensure the correct fulfillment staff will always be notified of corrective actions

Sentact eliminates costs in the rounding process by offering a comprehensive platform for rounding creation, distribution, tracking, surveys, audits, and inspections

Powerhouse reporting will identify trends and areas for enhancement to adapt your environment and put action plans into place

Enhancing Life Safety and Quality of Care Environments

The Sentact Source library enables users to customize surveys to meet their specific needs for rounding creation, distribution, and tracking across the continuum of care

Doctor and patient

100% Recovery of 3-year investment within the first 3-6 months

How it works:

  • Quickly report, track and trend any issues found inside – or outside of a round
  • Robust reporting dashboards cover every round, survey, audit, or inspection
  • Sentact’s Clinical Team ensures that compliance standards continuously updated
  • Integrate with your CMMS enables completely comprehensive and closed-loop resolution
  • Intelligent data captured during a round will create real-time actionable strategies to improve quality, safety, and patient experience measures