Patient Engagement

Grow Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores by 12%

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Whether it be leader rounding, every-patient every-day rounds, post discharge calls or goodbye rounds, Sentact solutions enable you take a proactive approach to pinpoint targeted areas of enhancement and achieve better patient experience outcomes. Sentact’s intelligent technology triggers workflow and feedback mechanisms to automatically follow a patient’s stay and enhance a desired patient experience journey.

How our solutions work:

Providers may capture any service recovery item outside of a round, giving your organization 24/7 visibility into the care delivery process

Closed-loop process integrates with workflow automation to send notifications with escalations – taking any unresolved item up the chain of command ensuring resolution

With Sentact’s workflow automation, any service recovery item, complaint or grievance will be routed to the correct fulfillment staff in real-time

Strategically placed kiosks in clinics, lounges, halls or waiting areas, will assist in capturing additional patient and family member feedback – truly embracing the patient’s voice

Manage the grievance and complaint process under the same platform to standardize and receive full visibility of a patient’s experience and their outcomes

Score HCAHPS Improvement

Sentact’s solution deploys integrated technology to ensure that a facility is meeting every milestone in their quality of care delivered. By creating interactive, intelligent touchpoints with patients, providers are better able to meet the needs of patient engagement.

The result is improved patient satisfaction scores on HCAHPS surveys, and increased reimbursements and ratings for your organization.

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Patient Experience Scores 12% ↑

How it works:

  • Integrated ADT triggers specific surveys following a patient’s stay and a provider’s workflow to embrace the organization’s patient experience journey
  • Secure service recovery issues found during a round, or outside of a round, enable 24/7 visibility into your organization

Reduce Post-Discharge Survey Costs

Hospitals spend an average of $200K annually to cover CMS regulations, but only capture a response rate of 5% for this post-discharge survey feedback. This is a month’s long, reactive process that offers very little means of service recovery.

Sentact’s solutions reduce post-discharge survey costs by enabling organizations to engage in patient surveys prior to discharge – capturing more important, and meaningful data while patients are still in their care environment.

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Reduce post-discharge survey costs by $200K per hospital ↓

How it works:

  • Integrated technology will schedule trigger rounds based on your organization’s desired patient experience journey
  • Increase patient survey data and meaningful responses with intelligent Pre-Discharge and Post-Discharge surveys from Sentact.
  • Spend less money on unresponded survey feedback above the CMS requirements, and enable providers to drastically increase response rates and touchpoints

Increase Patient Retention

Patient and family members’ voices matter – embracing this information empowers health systems to make more informed enterprise-wide decisions throughout the continuum of care.

By giving patients a platform to actively engage, their concerns, compliments, issues, and feedback can be instantly addressed and routed to the appropriate staff member. The result is a patient who feels cared for and understood – increasing overall satisfaction. Patients and family members are then inclined to stay within a healthcare system for future elective procedures.

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Decrease hospital acquired infections more than 10% ↓

Patient Complaints 20% ↓