Product Information

Detailed Product Specifications and Feature Descriptions

Comprehensive Rounding Solution
Learn how SentactRounding, SentactOnDemand as well as our robust consulting services provide a Comprehensive Rounding Solution designed to help your organization improve quality, safety, and the patient experience with our rounding and consultative services.
Our SentactRounding application allows hospitals and healthcare networks to automate the rounding process across the continuum of care to improve quality, safety, and the patient experience.
Virtual Service Center Solution
Learn how our user-friendly service request engine has the power to provide caregivers the tools they need, when they need them, and deliver the highest quality of patient care.
Our SentactSinglePoint application creates a single point of contact for caregivers to access all support needs to improve service quality and clinical support by automating the logistics of care.
Learn how our Mobile Solution can help your organization catch data from on-the-fly requests, eliminate paperwork, improve data accuracy, an increased productivity by remaining in the field.
Increase efficiency and eliminate dual entry with integrations and interfaces when you use our SentactConnect application.  We currently offer a number of standard interfaces but can also create an interface specific to your organization’s needs.
SentactOptimization Services
Learn more about our robust services offerings that help organizations achieve value quickly, drive adoption, improve processes, and enable continuous improvement.
Implementation and Training Services
Ensure a smooth transition to Sentact with our world-class implementation and training services.  Whether your organization is implementing a single hospital or an enterprise healthcare system, our services are right for you.

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