Capture quality, safety, and the patient experience issues outside of rounds giving you 24/7 insight into your performance

Our Comprehensive Rounding Solution means more than just rounding across all areas in a hospital, it also refers to a closed loop process within the round itself.  Rounding just to round isn’t helpful; the biggest impact comes when issues are discovered and resolved, leading to continuous process improvement.  Automatically sending an issue/deficiency for resolution is just one step in the comprehensive rounding process.  Additional steps include:  ensuring the issue finds its way to the appropriate individual, automatic routing based on workflow, and following the issue through to resolution using notifications and escalations when necessary.

A comprehensive rounding solution gives you more than a snapshot in time of your overall performance.  It also provides 24/7 visibility into your performance by allowing your organization to capture issues in real-time outside of rounds.  Your organization will provide a better user experience for caregivers while reducing call volume, turnaround time for resolution, and labor cost.

Rounding initiatives are always valuable regardless of size and scale.  However, it is important to grow initiatives across the continuum and connect them for a complete picture of how your hospital is truly performing.