Harness the power of your data to drive change and produce real results

We understand how crucial your data is to your organization.  That’s why our reporting portfolio offers a solution for all hospital sizes, adoption levels, and experience.  Select the tool or tools that work best for you.

Standard Reports Standard Reports
A number of standard reports are included in the application that meet the needs of healthcare organizations.  From summary by task or priority to analytics based on the request volume, Sentact makes it easy for administrators to review their data.
SentactDashboard SentactDashboard
Our Dashboard reports provide users with a visual display of key data and key performance indicators.  SentactDashboard allows for easy viewing of data, monitors compliance and performance, allows managers to make better decisions, and assists with communication and collaboration.
SentactAnalytics SentactAnalytics
Using drag and drop technology, reports and dashboards can be created.  With SentactAnalytics, users can: create custom dashboard / reports, group data and create cross-tab reports with drill down capabilities, schedule reports for email delivery for easier managerial decisions.